Louth men’s hockey team play Wisbech Town 4ths

FOR this weekend’s fixture, Louth men’s hockey team played host to Wisbech Town 4th’s. Buoyed by last week’s 2-0 win away at Ely City 3rd‘s, the team was full of confidence to try for another home win.

Wisbech pushed off to start the game but Louth quickly put the travellers under pressure straight away. Great work rate by the forwards of Andrew ‘Twinkle Toes’ Webster, Will Trotter and William ‘Spaniel’ Parker, closed the ball down in the Wisbech 25 area.

In the early stages both sides had chances to be first on the score sheet but only for the final ball to lack the desired quality.

As the half wore on Louth’s ball possession increased, sagging the ball between the defence of Richard ‘Dick Dastardly’ Limmer, Dan ‘Pigeon’ Jefferson and George Johnstone and the midfield of Stuart Trotter, Bill ‘Chip Shop’ Bunny, Martin ‘Marlon’ Roe and Jonny Dyas.

This created many chances for attacks on the Wisbech goal, coming close many times. For a good ten minutes the ball never strayed into Louth’s half, the constant pressure being awarded with a penalty corner. Wisbech closed down the penalty corner well, only for Louth to work another opportunity leading to Andrew ‘Twinkle Toes’ Webster to loft one over the keeper. 1-0 to Louth.

Straight from the push off Louth were right back in the middle of it. Flowing linkup play down the right led to a superb ball across the D by Stuart ‘Silver Fox’ Trotter, which Will Trotter got on the end of and neatly put away for a 2-0 lead to Louth.

With Louth’s goalkeeper Andrew ‘Trap Door’ Hodson not having much to do other than save the odd penalty corner attempt. As Louth were now in the ascendancy they brought on the talents of Harry Meanwell, Archie Campbell, Jonny Campbell, Charlie Long and Nick Howman.

The away side managed to launch a break but the Louth defence stood firm, battering down the attack and winning the ball back for Louth. The half time whistle blew 2-0 to Louth.

The second half began with Louth’s push off. They cautiously kept the ball between the backs and midfield. Keeping possession was key, but unfortunately Louth lost the ball and Wisbech pulled one back. 2-1 to Louth.

Louth never looked worried. Moving the ball around skilfully, using the width of the pitch to their advantage and thus creating chinks in the away sides’ defence. Wisbech seemed to get tired mid-way through the second half and resulted to sitting back and defending for the rest of the game. With the majority of the Wisbech players in their own 25 area, the task was made even harder for Louth to get that third goal.

The final score 2-1 to Louth. A team performance that the captain of Wisbech said at the end of the game ‘would have probably beaten most teams in the league above’.

Man of the match went to George Johnstone and the away Man of the Match went to Will Trotter.

With Louth top of the table, six points clear but with four tough games to go, it’s still all to play for.

Many thanks to Co-Jo’s at Louth for sponsoring all the teams match balls.