Louth men’s hockey team versus Bourne Deepings’ Dragons 3rd team

THE Louth Men’s hockey team finally managed to get the second half of their season underway after many weeks of weather interruptions and opposition no-shows.

This week’s willing opponents were Bourne Deepings’ Dragons 3rd team. Sitting just above mid-table in the league and ran Louth close in the opposing fixture earlier in the season at Deeping, this was by no means going to be a walk in the park for Louth.

With Louth’s captain Will ‘Chip Shop’ Bunny again losing the toss for the up-teenth time this season, Bourne Deeping had the push back.

With Louth trying out a different formation for this game, a cautious start was to be expected. Bourne attacked with vigour with quick and direct passes through the middle of the park, but Louth’s’ stubborn defence led for the first time by Dan ‘Shot Gun’ Jefferson, withstood all the early pressure.

As the half wore on Louth came on song with their usual fast, free, flowing passes dissecting Bourne’s’ midfield. An early bullet of a shot by Will ‘Wing Man’ Trotter nearly taking Dragons keepers shoulder clean off. The home side kept possession well on the edge of Bourne’s’ circle, quick footwork from Andrew ‘Twinkle Toes’ Webster threading the ball through two of Bourne’s players but his shot was saved only for Will ‘Spaniel’ Parker to slot home the rebound.

The dragon’s frustration was clear to see and after several heavy handed changes the inevitable happened with Bourne’s centre half given a yellow card and ten minutes in the sin bin for a professional fowl on Stuart ‘Silver Fox’ Trotter.

Louth now with a man advantage maximised this and won a penalty corner. A well worked effort straight off the training field enabled Martin ’Marlon’ Roe to tab the ball home. Simples.

Bourne now with 11 players on the pitch doubled their efforts and advanced on Louth’s circle. A mix up on the edge of the D enabled Bourne to nip the ball across the goal. Andrew ‘Trap Door’ Hodson got a toe to it at full stretch but was nicked in at the back post.

The score 2-1 to Louth as the first half ended.

Bourne buoyed by their late first half goal started the second half a much better side. For a long period the dragons were permanently camped in Louth’s twenty-five. They eventually broke through Louth’s line of defence and scored their equaliser.

Louth regrouped and won several penalty corners but couldn’t convert into the elusive winner. Louth’s Captain came again unstuck mid-way through the half with a miss demeanour as he was given a green card as a warning.

As the final whistle grew nearer the game became more and more stretched each side having chances to get the late winner.

The match finished 2-2. A tremendous team performance by Louth especially considering the lack of matches played recently and the change in formation.

The man of the match went to Dan Jefferson and special thanks goes to Dan’s wife and Mrs Bunny for the lovely pigeon and steak pies.

Team Line Up: Andrew Hodson, Dan Jefferson, George Johnson, Timothy Green, Jonny Dyas, Will Bunny, Stuart Trotter, Martin Roe, Will Trotter, Will Parker, Andrew Webster, Harry Meanwell, Michael Lawson.

Many thanks to Co-Jo’s at Louth for sponsoring all the team match balls.