Louth Swimming Club success at Yarborough Leisure Centre

LOUTH Swimming Club took part in the 1st round gala of the Lincs Junior League 2012 at Yarborough Leisure Centre.

A fantastic performance was put in by Louth SC under 12 years junior swimmers, finishing a creditable third place on the night, behind first placed Lincoln Vulcans A and second positioned Cleethorpes, both much larger clubs than Louth.

Several swimmers were taking part in their first competitive gala – Victoria Patch, Caitlin Aiken, Isabel Hughes, Poppy Jacklin, Jenna Wright, Laura and Shaun Muns and Edward Sharrock. All of these swimmers gained valuable points for the club and put in fabulous performances, to say that there were some very nervous looking faces prior to the start!

Louth had four individual wins on the night, two each by the joint Louth Swimmers of the Night accolade winners – Emma Maw and Joshua Wright, both in the 12 years age group.

Emma’s wins came in her favoured events, the 50m Butterfly and Freestyle. She won both events in Pb times and came home a second in front of her opposition.

Joshua won the 50m Freestyle and Breaststroke, also gaining Pb’s in both swims and putting in a particularly impressive swim in the Breaststroke. They both showed great technique and strength during their swims, with victories never in doubt.

Valuable second places went to several of Louth’s individual young swimmers; Victoria Patch (25m Freestyle – Pb), Jevon George-Jones (50m Backstroke – Pb), Luke Freeman (50m Backstroke and Butterfly – 2xPb,s), Isabel Hughes (25m Breaststroke – Pb), Paige Kelly (50m Backstroke), Oliver Hardesty (25m Butterfly), Jay Clarke (50m Freestyle – Pb and 50m Breaststroke), Joseph Vickers (50m Freestyle – Pb) and Emma Harrop (50m Breaststroke – Pb). Relay 2nd places were gained by the Boys 12 yrs 4 x 25m Medley team (Luke Freeman, George Walker, Jay Clarke and Josh Wright); Boys 12 yrs Freestyle team (Luke Freeman, Leon Page, George Walker and Joshua Wright); Girls 9 yrs Freestyle Team (Jenna Wright, Victoria Patch, Caitlin Aiken and Poppy Jacklin); Girls 9 yrs Medley Team (Jenna Wright, Isabel Hughes, Caitlin Aiken, Poppy Jacklin); Boys 11 yrs Freestyle and Medley Teams (Jevon George-Jones, Jay Clarke, Leon Page, Joseph Vickers) and the Boys 10 yrs Freestyle Team (Oliver Hardesty, Andrew Thompson, Edward Sharrock, Joseph Vickers).

Other Pb’s were obtained by Shaun Muns (25m Freestyle and Backstroke), Oliver Hardesty (50m Breaststroke), Megan Gilpin (50m Butterfly), Leon Page (50m Butterfly), Jenna Wright (25m Backstroke), Emma Harrop (50m Freestyle), Paige Kelly (50m Freestyle).

Special mention goes to Shaun Muns, nine. who had only been a member of the swimming club a matter of a few weeks. He put on a really solid performance.

Louth Team overall put in a super performance and were the only team on the night not to have any disqualifications – a great achievement in itself.

Louth SC coaching staff were encouraged with the performances of their swimmers, this competition taking place just prior to the commencement of the Lincs County ASA Swimming Championships 2012, taking place at the Meridian Centre Louth during March.