Mablethorpe based martial arts club clean up at latest championships

MABLETHORPE-based East Coast Martial Arts recently sent a 17-strong team of competitiors to the ABMAA Association Championship Series number 2, held in Nottinghamshire.

Aston Jones won the Junior Forms and teammate Rocco D’Ambrosio came a close second. In the adults Japanese forms division Gary Wiltshire won, Yvans Fevrier came second and Carrie Wiltshire third. The adults Korean forms was won by Tom Rankin, with Lewis Chapman coming second and Lynsey Swift third.

In the kickboxing, Aston Jones & Rocco D’Ambrosio just missed out on medals in points fighting, but Rocco managed a silver medal in the light continuous.

The adults fared better, dominating every division they entered. In the Llight continuous -70kg Callum Prince earned golf seeing off a tough cage fighter.

In the light continuous -80kg Yvans Fevrier took the gold medal, with Michael Watling coming in third place. The -70kg intermediate Ppoints fighting division was won by newcomer Ross Kingham after a heated final. +80kg intermediate points fighting saw JJ Burrows take second place, and team mate Stuart Haddon third, both in their first kickboxing event.

The advanced divisions were all ECMA finals, with Adam Beniston stepping up in to the -80kg points fighting to beat team mate Chris Curle, taking gold and silver respectively, then Ethan Chapman won the +80kg points fighting division, beating Tom Rankin in to second place.

The ladies openweight Points Fighting was won by Lynsey Swift. And in the veterans points fighting division, Gary Wiltshire took silver and Roy Whitbread bronze.

ECMA Fighter of the day was awarded to Yvans Fevrier, who fought superbly in his first ever kickboxing tournament.

If you are interested in joining the team, or just trying out a martial art, call 01507 201312 or visit