MARTIAL ARTS: Louth’s Sean Byrne retains MMA title

Sean Byrne K1 amateur  Light weight title holder EMN-150803-210251001
Sean Byrne K1 amateur Light weight title holder EMN-150803-210251001

Louth’s only MMA and Kickboxing champion Sean Byrne returned to action at Contenders 10 in Norwich to defend his Amateur Lightweight K1 title against SIAM MMA fighter Ryan Barby.

With both fighters holding titles on other shows, the bar was set high for an exciting fight and the fighters didn’t fail to deliver.

With round 1 getting off to a bad start with Ryan Barby throwing a low blow straight away, it wasn’t long before both fighters put everything into the 5 round fight.

With both men opting to fight from distance rather than the clinch or close range, they set about picking each other apart with leg kicks and combinations of punches.

Each round ended closer and both fighters had success, however it was Sean’s occasional use of flare techniques and good clinch control that allowed him to land more successful shots. Coupled with Ryan’s continuous low blows the fight finished with the judges declaring Optimum MMAs Chief Instructor Sean Byrne still the Amateur Lightweight K1 champion via split decision.

Sean will now continue to train and look to defend his title again in May as well as return to Machine MMA to defend his semi-pro welterweight title belt.

Optimum MMA also had four other fighters in action with Vinny Beaumont-Smith and Jordan Tunbridge making their debuts and Simon Frankish and Ed Fairburn returned to the Contenders East Anglia show.

Sadly none of them could seal a win but will continue to push forward and learn from them.

Anyone wishing to train martial arts or get into competitive combat sports can get in touch with Sean Byrne and his team via