HOCKEY: Louth taught a lesson by Cambridge scholars

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Hockey news.

Cambridge South 1sts 4-2 Louth 1sts

Louth Hockey Club men’s 1sts travelled to face Cambridge Souths 1sts and despite the match starting evenly, the visitors found it a tough afternoon.

Cambridge then got possession of the ball and held on to it for a while before breaking on an attack. They managed to play the ball around Hayden ‘Aero’ Arrowsmith before slotting it away past ‘keeper Rich Hill.

From the restart, Louth attacked down the right with Martin Chamberlin-Roe and James Keast combining before passing to Steve Hill. With a bit of trickery from Steve, Louth won a penalty corner. Stuart Trotter dragged the ball out to Robert Johnstone who stopped for Steve Hill, whose shot cleared the cross bar.

Cambridge then broke down the right hand side. The cross came in at knee height and was coolly volleyed home by the Cambridge striker.

From the restart, Louth built the play nicely down the right and left wings. Stuart Trotter took the ball inside off the left and hit the ball against a foot winning another short corner. The ball went straight to Steve Hill, who hit the ball towards goal. The ‘keeper and defender combined to deflect the shot with Louth players appealing for a penalty flick, but only a long corner was given.

Just before half time Will Trotter was injured when the ball was flicked up into his face and took no further part in the match.

Early in second half Louth got a goal back when Robert Johnstone stopped a short corner for Steve Hill to drag flick the ball into the bottom corner.

Almost immediately Cambridge won a short corner and restored the two goal lead with a powerful shot.

Good play in the middle from Rob Chamberlin and Matt Hulme saw the ball go up the pitch and then wide to James Keast. Although there was no goal it looked promising for Louth.

Cambridge right midfielder then broke away, cut inside the D before calmly slotting it in at the near post. Jonny Dyas then got the ball, cutting back inside he found Matt Hulme who instantly switched it to Stuart Trotter. Stuart found Steve at the top of the D, his reverse shot was saved but the ball bounced down for Andrew ‘Webbo’ Webster to get Louth’s second goal.

Despite Louth pressure Cambridge held on for a 4-2 win.