Louth Indoor Bowls Club men open with county league win

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Louth Indoor Bowls Club’s men’s A team got their County League programme off to a successful start at home to Spalding with a 102-95 aggregate shots victory despite winning on just two rinks.

The margins of victory were enough to tip the balance in the home club’s favour.

The rink of Allan Dent, Alan Watson, Mally Hewson and Mark Freemantle won 31-13 and there was a 25-8 win for the rink of Andy Cave, Simon Dent, Russ Dent and Simon Reeson.

Another Louth rink suffered a 15-shot defeat, but the other two losses were kept to five and eight shots respectively to ensure overall victory.

* At club level the various leagues have yet to establish a pattern just three weeks into the winter season, but the Evening Fours already looks set to be contested by last winter’s top four teams.

Rockset hold top spot on shots difference after thumping Blossom Way 31-5, while APS are second after beating Questors 25-8.

Defending champions Fast Shippers didn’t play, but hold third spot ahead of Chalkers won beat Roundheads 18-10.

* In the Ladies’ League, Canaries suffered their first defeat when beaten 17-9 by Jaytones, but retained top spot on shots difference ahead of their opponents.

Third-placed Birdies were also beaten for the first time, 13-8, to last season’s champions Follies.

* SOS are the only unbeaten team in the Mixed Fours after inflicting a 19-13 first defeat on second-placed Wickaholics.