Tom was king of the ring

THREE fighters from East Coast Martial Arts and Fitness Academy in Mablethorpe recently travelled with supporters to Nottingham for the IAKSA Sedition Fight League event, which featured title fights and challenge matches.

ECMA fighter of the day, and first up, was Tom Rankin, 18, a Blue belt in Kickboxing. Tom was fighting in the heavy weight division against an experienced opponent that had beat him previously, but Tom was unfazed and went on to win all three rounds convincingly to take the gold medal.

Next up was Chantelle Goodwin, 21, a 1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing. Chantelle fought a black belt opponent from the home team in a very close fought battle, and managed to take all three rounds and the gold medal even though it was her first time in tournaments since last summer.

Finally Adam Beniston, 26, a 4th Dan Black belt in Kickboxing and team captain was up. Adam had been challenged by a black belt fighter from Wales, and there was some hype to this fight, which Adam used to his advantage, spending the whole day getting fired up and psyching out his opponent.

Adam’s Welsh opponent went out to win, after having watched Adam at last year’s British Championships, but he had seriously misjudged ECMA’s Senior Instructor, who was out for glory.

There was blood everywhere, mostly Welsh, as these two fighters clashed, but the end result was far from close, with the Welsh challenger claiming just six points over the three rounds and Adam taking a massive 31 points, all three rounds and the gold medal!

East Coast Martial Arts and Fitness are moving to their brand new full time Academy in Regent Road, Mablethorpe, and are holding an open day for everyone on Saturday April 9.

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