Comedy show is for ‘Everyman’

Stephen K Amos EMN-191116-233938001
Stephen K Amos EMN-191116-233938001

Delightful and lovable raconteur Stephen K Amos is hitting the road again and will be stopping off at Lincoln.

This time, the show’s name is ‘Everyman’ and it will roll into Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on Friday, January 31.

It’s easy to feel angry when mad talking heads and evil officials are looking for any slight difference of opinion to plough open and exploit.

We need an everyman to bring people together, using the most powerful tool we have: comedy.

In short, we need Stephen K Amos.

He’s on a mission to bring about world peace - or to at least bring about an evening of peace, one venue at a time.

In an age when arguments are started over everything from politics to bendy straws, Stephen is rising above the anger to remind us of what we have in common.

Bringing achingly funny anecdotes, hilarious takes on the everyday and his infectious charm, Stephen K Amos will warm cold, stiffened hearts.

Well known for TV appearances on shows like Have I Got News For You, QI and Live At The Apollo, as well What Does The K Stand For? on BBC Radio 4, Stephen K Amos has become one of Britain’s most popular stand-ups.

Besides all this, Stephen has also penned an autobiography – I Used to Say My Mother Was Shirley Bassey – which he is soon to record for an audiobook version.

Tickets for the Lincoln show, which is aimed at those aged 16 and over, cost £18 and £15 LIVE PASS for students and under 26s.

They are available online at