Review: Flint Street Nativity - Louth Playgoers

Review: Louth Playgoers - Flint Street Natiity EMN-150712-062636001
Review: Louth Playgoers - Flint Street Natiity EMN-150712-062636001

Review by Beve Ford

‘Flint Street Nativity’ is a seasonal comedy written by Tim Firth and performed by our talented cast from Louth Playgoers.

I have never really been a fan of nativity plays...tried to avoid going to see them when my children were at school, so I can honestly say that I was not looking forward to sitting through this one either...BUT, as soon as the curtain opened and I saw so many of my friends dressed as angels, shepherds, wise men and even a STAR!, I was instantly 100% more interested than any ‘real’ school production.

The play was hilarious from the outset and there were some truly hysterical moments and one liners...I was even in tears at one point through laughing so much (I cannot say why....that would spoil it!!)

All the characters were well portrayed and perfectly cast by director Sue Hamilton. The production is a ‘play within a play’ and is full of adults playing the parts of children preparing for their school nativity.

Rob Mapletoft (Narrator) portrayed his role as a very nervous narrator with such ease, so keen to impress his father in the audience!

Holly Mapletoft (Joseph) was far more interested in being on television than taking part in the nativity play in any way, shape or form...A good strong performance as her character.

Frances Brindle (Shepherd) and Mark Willoughby (Wise Frankincense) both played their parts well and Frances’ constant childish sarcasm of her classmates speech impediment had me in stitches. And Chloe Hallam (Star of Bethlehem) was so convincing with her disappointment of the design of the school star that I had to Google it when I got home!!

All the characters were well portrayed and there was not a weak link amongst them. They all had Christmas songs to sing within their ‘play’ but you will need to purchase a ticket to see this and hear their versions of these popular songs for yourselves!!!

The costumes were all very apt and perfectly designed for the characters. The set was simple yet effective and the cast as a whole worked extremely well together and really looked like they were enjoying themselves.

I honestly feel that everyone viewing this delightful play will connect with at least one of the characters. Children falling out with each other, wanting to be something they are not, and dealing with stage fright!...certainly all things I went through during my school years.

If you have not purchased your tickets yet and would really like a fun filled evening full of laughter and childhood memories, then I strongly recommend you buy them immediately to avoid disappointment. You never know, you may even learn something...I did!!

Well done to the whole cast for a fabulous production.

Ps...still cannot believe that Round John Burdgeon is a REAL person

Flint Street Nativity runs every night at 7.30pm from Monday 7th -Saturday 12th December at the Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre.

Tickets are £8 for adults and £5 for under 18s, but this show is not recommended for children, it is more suited to teenagers and above.

You can purchase tickets at or from Box Office during the hours of 10am-1pm from Monday-Saturday by popping in or phoning 01507 600350.