Local girl Mica Bale, 14, releases her first novel

Mica Bale. EMN-150430-145310001
Mica Bale. EMN-150430-145310001

Local teenager Mica Bale, who was in the media headlines a couple of years ago as Britain’s youngest sports reporter, has had her first novel published 
at the age of 14.

‘Pearls Without Wisdom at Dellsworth House’ has now been published 
as an e-book, with a paperback version to follow soon.

Mica said: “I just sat at the computer one day, writing something else, when the first paragraph just popped into my mind. I wrote it down and from there the idea for the 
book just took off on its own.

“I’m thrilled to have finally finished the book and to have now got it published.

“I am extremely grateful for all the support I have had.”

Mica has been published by 
a number of magazines and newspapers, and writes about various subjects including sports, history and wildlife.

‘Pearls Without Wisdom at Dellsworth House’ is a crime novel of the whodunnit? genre and keeps readers closely involved all the way until the revelations at the end.

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