New comedy novel gets critical acclaim


Local author Bernard Bale has released his 26th book, ‘The Gurning Bay Mystery’, which is a comedy crime story set in a small seaside town in 
the 1960s.

The book is a departure for Bernard, as most of his previous books have been non-fiction and often with show business and 
sports stars.

Bernard, who owns the Bookaholics shop in Eastgate, said: “I have written comedy scripts for some quite famous people and also humorous articles before, but the Gurning Bay Mystery 
as a full-blown novel was 
a one off.

“At least, I thought it was, but I actually dreamed a sequel so it looks as if I shall be returning there.”

Bernard added: “I am pleased that the book is out there and has even sold some copies in the United States. They must like English 
seaside resorts.”

Part of the appeal of the Gurning Bay Mystery is an array of characters who find themselves in some hilarious situations, all of which are written around a ‘whodunnit?’ storyline which runs throughout the tale.

The Gurning Bay Mystery is already available to download in e-book format online, and printed copies will be available towards the end of November.

The e-book is available on the Amazon website, and printed copies will be stocked by Bookaholics.