End of the road for Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival

Gary and Tina, organisers of the Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival.. EMN-150127-100731001
Gary and Tina, organisers of the Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival.. EMN-150127-100731001

Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival has had no option but to fold this year due to lack of funding after five years of success.

Motorbike enthusiasts Gary Barnes and his partner Tina Ambridge set up the event in 2010 to coincide with the 40th season of sand racing in Mablethorpe.

This was the first festival of its kind to take place in Mablethorpe and its unique offering of stunt riders performing throughout the day in the heart of the town made it an instant hit with residents.

The motorcycle festival soon grew, with more people from further afield flocking to the show, bringing an economic boost prior to the start of the busy holiday season.

Joint organiser, Tina Ambridge said: “It is with great regret that the Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival 2015 will not be going ahead due to us being unable to gain the necessary funding needed to run the event, as the costs are sadly increasing year on year.

“As a voluntary event, and we think a very successful one, it is a shame that money is always an issue.

“We have had a great number of people giving up their time to help on a voluntary basis each year and both myself and Gary would like to thank them as well as the businesses that donated and sponsored us.

“We felt like we helped to bring the biking community to Mablethorpe and also bike groups have set up around and about the local area since the event began.”

The 2014 event ended on a high note with record numbers of people attending. It was also dedicated to the memory of Karl Bomber Harris, who died during the TT races last year.

Tina added: “We have loved every second of running this motorcycle festival and have come to meet some amazing people along the way, so we must thank all of them for their support and of course to everyone who came along to support this event over the last five years.”

But local business owner Linda Pratt, of Linda’s Pavilion, believes that everyone should rally together to save this event.

She added: “We can’t lose this event over money, there must be something or someone that can help us do this.

“The event could be cut down slightly if needs be, there simply has to be a way we can save it.

“It is a fantastic event that boosts the economy and the people of Mablethorpe need to fight to keep it.”