Free holiday clubs for children of all ages

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A number of free holiday clubs for children of all ages will be taking place over the next two weeks in a number of different locations in Sutton on Sea.

The holiday club started on Monday and will run up until Friday, August 15.

There are activities going on for both adults and children and each age group are named with, of course a seaside theme.

To start with there is the shrimps for children aged between 0-four years, but adults must please stay with their children in this age category.

Starfish is for five to seven-year-olds, eight-11 is the squids, followed by the seahorses for children aged 11-13, the sharks for 14-18-year-olds and finally the barnacles for adults.

There are a number of different host venues in Sutton on Sea throughout these two weeks, which include The Meridale Centre, St Clement’s Church, the Christian Centre, Chrysalis and the Evangelical Free Church.

Plus there are a number of main events where everyone can get involved. All of the events take place in the afternoon with a variety of different times starting from 2pm until 6pm. For further information, please call Liz on 07903 200204.