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The Meridian Singers
The Meridian Singers

The Meridian Singers choir from Louth were proud to be invited to be part of a national tour in June - and are looking for new ladies to join them.

The choir took part in the ‘Get Up and Tie Your Fingers’ performance which combined theatre, song, and visual arts.

The tour was co-produced by The Customs House and Guild of Lillians based 
in South Shields, to appreciative and enthusiastic audiences.

The ‘Follow the Herring’ tour travelled up and down the East Coast, stopping off at the Hull Truck Theatre, Grimsby Minster and the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre along the way.

The Meridian Singers meet at the Trinity Centre on Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 9pm, and would like to welcome any ladies who would like to join in the lighthearted evenings of song.

The choir will hold an open rehearsal on Tuesday July 15 and everyone is welcome.

Call Barbara on 01507 607947 for more information.