Burglaries in Holton le Clay and North Thoresby

Police warning after burglaries in the area.
Police warning after burglaries in the area.

Police have advised village residents to avoid making their homes vulnerable to burglaries, following two incidents on Friday evening (February 8).

Between 4.30pm and 6.40pm on Friday, an address on Carmen Crescent in Holton Le Clay has been entered by offenders.

The offenders forced the hinges of a patio door to enter the property and, once inside, an untidy search has been made in most rooms with cash and high value jewellery being targeted - including two distinctive watches, a silver TAG Heuer watch and a green Boss ‘Golf hole in one’ watch.

The occupants of the address were not present at the time of the offence.

Also on Friday evening, at 5.50pm, an offender was disturbed trying to enter an address on High Street in North Thoresby.

Fortunately, a neighbour became suspicious when hearing an unusual bang, and saw a male trying to enter through a rear kitchen window.

On being disturbed, the male offender left the scene and was last seen running towards the Halfway House pub. The offender has been described as slim and tall, wearing dark clothing and a balaclava.

A short time later, a dark coloured estate vehicle - believed to be a Skoda - was seen leaving at speed and heading into the village. The vehicle is described as being covered in mud with the registration plate being obscured because of this.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to call 101 and quote incident 340 (North Thoresby) or 365 (Holton Le Clay) of February 8.

PC Rich Precious, Community Beat Manager for Louth Rural and The Wolds, said: “Last year, between October and December saw an unprecedented rise in dwelling burglaries in the area and we are trying to do as much as we can to prevent this happening again.

“Fridays offences have both seen the occupants being away from their addresses - one on holiday, and one for just a short time.

“Be aware that properties are almost certainly being identified as targets. These are not random attacks on homes.

“Once again, please do as much as you can to target harden yourselves. Think security - lights, alarms, CCTV. Offenders do not want to get caught, so please do as much as you can to prevent yourselves becoming one of their targets.

“If you would like any help or advice on this then please get in touch - we’re here to help.”

PC Precious continued: “If you are going to be away from your home, please let somebody know and get them to check your address daily.

“Curtains permanently open and/or closed, bins being put out early and left out once the rubbish has been collected, or a house always in darkness or with a single hallway light always on, are signs that you’re not at home and sends a clear signal to those looking to come and commit crime.

“Get a friend or neighbour to check your address and get them to open and close your curtains and put multiple lights on timers.

“If you see anything suspicious and that looks out of place ring 101 immediately, and if an offence is occurring at that time, call 999.”