Woman admits striking victim in throat in Mablethorpe Co-op

Court news
Court news

A woman who struck another woman in the throat in Mablethorpe’s Co-op supermarket, told magistrates there was a ‘background history’ between the two.

Sandra Anne Hart, 55, of Waterloo Road, admitted assaulting Kim North by beating when she appeared before magistrates in Boston last Wednesday (May 15).

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said that Hart and the victim had known each other for about 10 years and that there had been previous incidents between the two.

She said they were both in the Co-op at 9.30pm on February 9 when Hart started to shout at Ms North, went up to her and said: “I’ll have you”, then walked away before returning and striking her in the throat.

Hart told police she had received some terrible news that day and recognised she had behaved badly towards the victim.

Mitigating, Philippa Chatterton said Hart had apologised to the victim at the time and again later face to face.

She said there was background between the two but that day Hart, who suffers from depression, had been told that a close friend had died.

Ms Chatterton said she was feeling particularly low and alleged the victim had said something to Hart which had upset her and caused her to act the way she did.

She was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £105 in costs and charges.