Louth and Alford schools feature in Sunday Times ‘Top 10’

Education (stock image)
Education (stock image)

The top performing schools in the East Midlands have been revealed today (Friday) - and our area features two of the best performing state schools in the region.

This year’s list is revealed in ‘Parent Power: The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2020’, which will be published in The Sunday Times this Sunday (November 24).

The Leader can now reveal that, in the list of ‘The top 10 state secondary schools in the East Midlands’, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Alford features in 6th place, which King Edward VI Grammar School (KEVIGS) in Louth features in 10th place.

Respectively, the schools are the 206th and 246th top performing schools in the United Kingdom.

The latest data shows that both schools had a high percentage of recent A-Level students achieving an A*-B in their exams (60.1% and 58.6% respectively).

Both schools also had a significant proportion of GCSE students achieving A*/A/9/8/7 in their exams (42.9% and 38.1% respectively).

Head teacher at KEVIGS, James Lascelles, told the Leader: “We are delighted by the news that King Edward’s has been recognised as one of the top ten state schools in the East Midlands although this is merely a reflection of the outstanding relationships that exist across the school between staff and students, and the amount of mentoring and support we put in to help students to succeed.

“This news reinforces the views of those we already serve, but also justifies trustees’ community plans to increase access to King Edward’s in Year Seven, and to broaden our Sixth Form offer to ensure we can serve a wider range of Louth students.”

‘Parent Power’ identifies the 2,000 highest-achieving schools in the UK, ranked by their recent examination results, and their database is widely acknowledged as the most authoritative survey of the country’s best schools.

A fully searchable national database by school name, local authority, town and postcode, together with regional rankings, will be available to Times and Sunday Times subscribers at www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/parentpower from Sunday November 24.