Louth and Tetford surgeries merger is still set to go ahead - without Coningsby

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Health news

A merger between two medical practices - including one in Louth - is still set to go ahead in April, despite a third practice dropping out of the plan.

Newmarket Medical Practice in Louth, The Wolds Practice in Tetford, and the New Coningsby Surgery were all due to merge this year after an agreement was drawn up in June 2017, followed by a three-month consultation with patients.

However, it has now been revealed that the New Coningsby Surgery will no longer be involved in the plans after Dr Amos Ramon, a partner at the practice, decided not to retire as planned at the end of 2017.

It had been hoped that the merger between the three surgeries would help to safeguard the future of local services and allow patients to access a wider range of services across the three sites.

It is understood that both surgeries will remain open with their current working hours - as originally planned - and that patients will still be able to access a wider range of services than previously.

Sandra Williamson, Chief Finance Officer for the Lincolnshire East CCG, said: “Following a period of consultation in 2017, Newmarket Medical Practice and the Wolds Practice will merge this year.

“However, the New Coningsby Surgery will no longer be part of this merger process. This follows the decision of Dr Ramon from the New Coningsby Surgery not to retire.

“The two practices will be engaging with their patients to inform them of the change in the planned merger.

The two remaining practices will continue as planned, with formal merging of practice lists taking place on April 1, 2018.