Louth beauty spot falls victim to vandalism again

Hubbards Hills.
Hubbards Hills.

Vandals have struck once again at Hubbards Hills - just days after the Leader reported on two recent incidents which left a hefty repair bill of over £10,000.

In the latest incident, which took place just before Christmas, vandals forced a large tree branch into a toilet and caused damage as a result.

A vandalised toilet at Hubbards Hills.

A vandalised toilet at Hubbards Hills.

The incident comes just days after the wheelchair ramp was destroyed beyond repair, which is expected to cost ‘around ten thousands of pounds’ to replace.

A few weeks earlier, a newly-installed hand dryer in the toilet block was destroyed, which cost a further £500 to replace.

Andrew Leonard, chairman of the Hubbards Hills Trust, blasted the ‘mindless few’ for causing such destruction to one of Louth’s favourite beauty spots.

He said that the installation of CCTV in the area is being considered, and said the Trust would continue to work with the police who sometimes patrol the area - while accepting that this is somewhat limited due to police funding and resources.

The mindless few are spoiling it for the many.

Andrew Leonard

Mr Leonard said: “Unfortunately, local ratepayers are having to foot the bill for the damage that is being caused.

“Hubbards Hills is heavily used by local people and those from out-of-town, and this vandalism does not portray a good image.

“The mindless few are spoiling it for the many. Perhaps one day, these people will reflect on that as they get older and bring people to the Hills.”

Mr Leonard said that the Trust’s funds were having to be diverted away from worthwhile projects, such as clearing out the duck pond, in order to repair the damage. This also makes it difficult to secure grant funding, as many organisations would expect the Trust to ‘match’ any grant funding that they provide.

Mr Leonard added that the Hubbards Hills Trust will be seeking to prosecute those responsible for the vandalism, and noted that a couple of years ago a vandal was caught and made to pay towards the cost of the damage they had caused.

He said that the Trust ‘will be looking to do exactly the same’ if the latest perpetrators are caught.

• Call Lincolnshire Police on 101 if you have any information about the vandalism.