Louth Town Council’s share of your council tax ‘set to rise by 7.9 per cent’

Council tax
Council tax

Louth Town Council is set to approve a 7.9 per cent rise in their portion of your council taxes for 2018/19.

The recommendation was made by the town council’s Governance and Finance Committee last month, and will be voted on by the council on Tuesday evening (January 9).

In 2017/18, ‘Band D’ taxpayers in the town contributed £50.59 per year to Louth Town Council through their council tax bills, equating to 97 pence per week.

If the recommendation is approved at Tuesday night’s meeting, then once the new tax year (2018/19) begins, taxpayers will pay £54.58 per year to the town council, equating to just under £1.05 per week.

Louth Town Council’s overall precept request is £269,286, which is a cash increase of 10.8 per cent.

This precept will include the £6,653 net cost of a new amenity grass cutting agreement, established between the town council and Lincolnshire County Council.

The anticipated £54.58 bill from the town council will be added to that of the district council, county council, and the Police and Crime Commissioner to form your overall council tax bill - which, in total, could increase by over £80.