Louth woman delivers her own grandson - at the side of the A16!

Proud mum Kayleigh Templeton and baby Jacob Noah, with her husband Rob Templeton and her mother Ann Tilling.
Proud mum Kayleigh Templeton and baby Jacob Noah, with her husband Rob Templeton and her mother Ann Tilling.

A Louth woman has praised her mother and husband after they worked together to deliver her baby son at the side of the A16 when she went into labour on her way to hospital.

Grandmother Ann Tilling was woken by a phone call from her daughter Kayleigh Templeton and son-in-law, Rob Templeton, shortly after 1am last Wednesday (August 15) after Kayleigh started going into labour with her third child.

Kayleigh Templeton with baby Jacob Noah.

Kayleigh Templeton with baby Jacob Noah.

Little did Ann know that, less than an hour later, she and Rob would have successfully delivered her new grandson at the side of the A16 near Holton le Clay.

Legal assistant Kayleigh, 30, of Lacey Gardens, said: “We were on the way to Grimsby hospital and my waters broke at Utterby.

“We were on the phone to the midwife and she asked if I thought I’d be able to make it to hospital.

“At first I was optimistic and said yes, but a few minutes later I felt I had to push and we pulled over in a lay-by on the A16, near the Jug and Bottle.”

Ann, who had been following her daughter to the hospital in her own car, pulled over and made space in her large car boot for Kayleigh to sit down in.

Aided only by a mobile torch light, Ann and Rob were able to deliver the healthy newborn baby, Jacob Noah (weighing 7lb 12oz) within seven minutes.

Ann was given instructions from the midwife over the speakerphone, and she was helped by Rob - who had to use a shoelace from one of his trainers to clamp the umbilical cord immediately after his new son was born.

An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and took mother and child to Grimsby hospital for standard tests, and they were able to return home later that day.

Ann said: “At the time, I was petrified - I have never done anything like that before!

“But I’m really proud of myself, and all of us for staying calm - it was a marvellous experience, the best thing I have ever done!”

Kayleigh said: “Mum and Rob were both amazing, and I’m so proud of us for doing it all on our own.

“I had to stay calm so that mum and Rob could stay calm. To be honest, it all happened so quickly that we had no time to be stressed.

“This was a one-of-a-kind experience, and we’re still on cloud nine! This is my biggest achievement.”

Rob added: “Kayleigh did all the hard work. It’s an experience, and it’s something you never expect.

“It was the proudest moment of my life, and it’s a nice story to be able to tell Jacob when he’s older.”

Just two days after the birth, Kayleigh, Rob and their three children attended the wedding of Rob’s friend Mark Smith, where Rob was the best man.

By incredible coincidence, the family ended up on the same table as Mark’s sister Sarah Galey - who went through a similar experience earlier this year, with her husband James single-handedly delivering their new baby daughter at the roadside in Utterby.